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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 26, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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loaded magazines for each as well as refloated magazines for each assault weapon, very high and a video surveillance triphammer high this was very well organized. >>pam: also confiscated, 2500 marijuana plants and 50 lbs. of dried and processed marijuana ready to be sold. altogether the total street value is estimated at $1 million. it has been today's since the announcement that a cow at a dairy farm in california was found to have mad cow disease, in that time officials have pressed to reassure people that feed and milk are both the sale. j.r stone has been following this story since it broke theory tonight, he explains why we lin of be in the clear just yet. hoofs >> this afternoon i spoke with a narrow scientist to says the big issue here is
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the testing or lack thereof. last year, 40,000 cows in the united states, one out of every thousand tausan was tested. six cows are randomly tested and if there is a problem they take a look at the circumstances behind the case. officials call this an atypical case. meeting it was spontaneous and ran into this one cal. >> it is impossible for it to be a spontaneous case. her hair testing more cows lick obviously cost more money.
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>> there are working on a way to warn people in harm's way before the shaking from an earthquake, more on that coming out. >> the secret service scandal, there are new allegations against this fee-for-service and another south american country. and offers, how the bay area shelter will deal with the overwhelming number of adoption request for a dog drag for miles behind the pickup trucks. cut the nfl wrath is under way this. we will find out how they will use their first round draft pick. talk about a tough landing, details behind this dramatic situation.
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sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>jaqueline: 57 in half moon bay. 59 in redwood city, 62 and concord and 60 in santa rosa. we are going to be in for a warming trend as we head into the weekend. mostly sunny skies over sentences go into the rest of the bay area. the sunshine will carry through the weekend as temperatures start an upward trend. los 70's in the inland valleys. call temperatures are warming up but will not get too hot this weekend. the giants have a home series against the padres' starting tomorrow. tomorrow night game will be the coolest gear lehigh of
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this saturday 6 to 5:00 p.m. start means who warmer and a 1 05 p.m. start on sunday. it is perfect base that letter did into the inland valleys and temperatures are warm into the low seventies. the east asia worth will be in the '60s. at the peninsula, 60s as well. here's a look at your extended forecast. a warming trend starts tomorrow and gets underway continuing into monday. stay with us. we will be back right after this.
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how tough when and then ...
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once call hough collapse
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>>pam: at some many people want to adopt the dog severely hurt on the freeway, they're holding a lottery. he'll be ready for adoption in a 4-66. if a family credited to witness, they tried to honk and alert the driver but could not get the driver's attention. it was not until the rope broke that the family was able to get the dog. it lost its lead but is recovering from authorities are still looking for the driver. two groups of baby birds are being housed at the humane society al center for compassion. tenet ducklings of fell into a storm drain, rescue workers pulled them out in the mother's death left.
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this aid to week-old baby jesus was rescued. we are back with more news right after this. bochum thing to an
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>>pam: with the usgs and says it could soon happen >> being able to warn people before matter of greed. the nfl draft is under way. a brazen robbery caught on tape, the victims were two elderly women. that is ahead.
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>>pam: while scientific still cannot predict earthquakes the art of saying it is time for california to take advantage of existing technology to build an earthquake early warning system. sherri
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>> in a lecture to a fellow scientists, a usgs seismologist the democratic house such a system would have given the san francisco residents as much as 20 seconds warning before the shaking started. >> such a system is already in place in japan. modern communications are faster than seismic waves, information from sensors near the earthquake's epicenter can be used to broadcast warnings to people in harm's way. >> how much early warning you get depends on how close you are relative to the earthquake. the further away you are, the more morning you get.
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>> the implications are enormous. and bart trains could be slowed or stopped, warnings could be slashed to address. those listening to his lecture would have had time to duck and cover. >> people usually ask, what can i do? >> here is another hypothetical, palm springs would get a 15 second warning, orange county, 25 seconds and people in l.a., 40 seconds. the hard part is how to send out the warnings. it turns out that the mills and text messages are too slow for mastaba vacation so the warnings would likely be broadcast on radio, television or a cellular phone network. >>pam: the usgs said a fully operational earthquake early warning system is still about five years away and
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will cost as much as $100 million. it's >>grant: hayward police said last september, adams acted as a camp and got one girl to travel from oakland all the way to a hayward hotel where the girl refused to be prostitutes. the suspect then stood by while her male counterpart agreed to the girl. she is wanted in accessory to read and other similar crimes and four other bay area locations. after our most-wanted segment aired, the suspect says her family members started calling her and telling her that she was on the most wanted list. the suspect then called our
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newsrooms think she is in hebert and is a victim in this incident, and not a suspect. she says she does not want to involve police because the crime was a lifetime ago. this morning, the suspect did call hayward police telling them that she is an arkansas and reiterated her innocence. detectives are trying to convince her to come talk to them. they're also trying to figure out if they can trace the call she made. if you have any information for police sweep the bay area's most wanted link on our web site. you updated as the occasional cold. >>pam: and a review shows
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that william devereaux afforded e mills and his boss and other managers on using a false identity as he tried to use an on-line groove opposed to smart meters. he resigned back in 2010 after acknowledging using a false name. beginning initially claimed that he acted alone. there is no word on who else was involved. this state will now decide whether or not to issue a fine. it is time to talk football and the night that fans have been waiting for. the nfl draft started a half hour of both. members of the 49ers have a first-round draft pick. vern glenn is rife -- vern glenn is live in santa rosa tonight. >> the doors open at 4:00 p.m.. it was a sea of people who walked in. there is a sea of scarlet and gold all the way back as
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far as the eye can see. it is absolutely packed. the blaze erupted when jim harbaugh walked in and and address the fans show and then had a little something for fans this afternoon. >> we are confident that we will get a good player. bank you very much! >> that was a little taste of jim harbaugh who spent maybe 3-4 minutes with fans and then give up the microphone and went up the
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street to the 49ers headquarters. we will come back next hour with more from this pulsating sea of energy. >>jaqueline: rainfall totals are unimpressive. a look at our satellite picture, clouds are decreasing. mostly clear skies a chilly conditions overnight. the rain has pushed to the east. cold conditions overnight. warmer conditions into the afternoon.
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we will continue warming trend in the weekend. >>pam: there were two other laser systems abroad and airplanes would trounce by heavy winds. kiberlee sakamoto is here with tonight's edition of take a look at this. >>pam: take a look at the two sisters about to get on a bus, waiting for the wheelchair ramp. watch the jobs of the next to them, he grabs the cars and may fall to the ground. the one in a wheelchair was 96 and broke two ribs. he was later arrested, turned in by his own father. the pilot did manage to eventually get into control but a number of flights had
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to be deported. a giant cannon will tran. an invasion of them is getting worse. >>kimberlee: here is a look at this year's beard and mustache championships. the men compete in 18 categories. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>>catherine: ron glass is here with us to discuss some markets. >> it has been a really good to read it right. chevron was up. home builders are doing fantastic right now. we had a pretty good overall amazon will record numbers tonight, the party will continue. >>catherine: burger king is promising cage free products. am almost proud to be from california. the movement has forced the restaurant industry to make their eggs and pork cage free. >>catherine: they're sitting on eggs and pork products are kate free.
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>> mcdonald's and wendy's are behind. wal-mart and costco have already done that. it will cost more and i guarantee it will pass the costs on to us. when you put a chicken in a speech to state it is cheaper than having a chicken run around in a normal states. >>catherine: i have seen some of those documentary's. there are tough to watch. >> you and i talked about targeting cell phones yesterday, now they're starting to get into cars. you can watch movies and get internet connections. this will allow you to connect to your account online.
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>> by 2013 and 2014, your car will be the third most internet id -- internet connected devices. >>grant: >>rob: good times are coming. us all flesh recess and
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>> here is a live look outside from our roof camera in downtown san francisco. mostly sunny skies. at little bit of cloud cover remaining of the hills. mostly clear skies overnight with temperatures sliding gifts right now it is cooler by 10 degrees this afternoon purists its chance we had into the weekend, conditions will really start to warmouth.
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five a look at temperatures as the head of the door tomorrow morning, upper 30s in the north bay. in accordance pretty much everywhere else. here's a look at your expected temperatures.
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a look at your extended forecasts will start warming tomorrow. temperatures in the '80s in our inland valleys staying warm into monday. a brief cool down into tuesday in temperatures will resume their warming trends, spring water on tap. >>pam: new episodes of dr. phil will be airing. this morning darya fulsome spoke with dr. phil about what we can expect to see. >>darya: and most of your shows are helping people, there is a local case to the bay area of a man who weighs 700 lbs. >> this is a fine young man. he has gotten so of the
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path, over 700 lbs.. he is basically non ambulatory only very few steps would help. we did it bring a man and it took to vance and 5:00 p.m. teas just to transport him from his apartment to the show. we really talk about what his life is like at this point yet what the challenges are going forward. i think that people are going to be surprised at their attitude about this young man. it's one of the things that we are most proud of is we really do follow our guests and provide resources for them after they leave. this man needs in patient care. this is not something he can go home and go on a diet. the challenge is to find a place where he can go that is almost like a eighth week management rehab.
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they could not even take his blood pressure. if he needed surgery, it is unlikely that it could be perform because they simply could not do it. costs tests cost lightest
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high death here-and want
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... >>gabe: google will have launched a new feature. at launch their offer of over 15,000 landmarks the you can tour. you can spend hours looking at these and feeling like you're there. some of these are so visual, skip the hassle of seeing them in person. you can knock some of these destinations of of your bucket list.
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time of >> after the traffic flow has been stopped, the crews will begin tearing down this 70 year old structure. kron4 breezy we need to note to deal with what promises to be a rough weekend. traffic is expected to jam
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of at hot spots from golden gate park to the east gate. the southern approach to the golden gate bridge is being torn down. it 3d a traffic nightmare is expected to follow. local authorities are going to face the consequences of the local gridlock. terisa estacio joins us live with the plan. >> this is mason street right behind me. it runs parallel to the oil drive. it will be one of only a few rows drivers will be able to take for the next few days after the oil drive comes down. >> with a major thoroughfare
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coming down it means drivers will still over onto surface streets. caltrans says they have been working nonstop with how to deal with potential traffic gridlock. >> it has been months and months of cooperation and planning. everyone is on the ready to help keep traffic flowing. san francisco police will be monitoring the venice avenue. we have officers over on a lombard in and we have people on 19th avenue and chp stationed throughout. it will try to keep traffic moving. >> the bottom line, caltrans says they hope most people just stay away. >> it is a major milestone but also a major impact. we do expect people to be confused. we want people to be aware and ideally not driving around here.
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costs this is not where you want to the traffic. >> here is a los crews need to complete a detour route marked in blue by 5:00 a.m. on a monday morning. the main focus of the demolition effort is to remove the sections of the old road with blocking the new detour. fifth in order to finish by
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5:00 a.m. on monday morning the debris and rubble has to be pushed aside in the eventually hauled away for recycling. >>pam: our team coverage continues with dan kerman, he has more with how ferry service could alleviate extra pressure on the roads caused by the closure. >>dan: we are here in san francisco at the golden gate siri terminal. with many people will see here this week and even if they have not used the ferry service before. the golden gate ferry goes between the sausalito and san francisco and now there will be double the trips that there normally are it will be easier to get between the north bay and san francisco.
6:04 pm
there's also a ferry that runs at&t park for the giants game. the bad news is those ferries have already sold out. what are you going to do if you have tickets to the game. >>pam: we will have continuing coverage of the closure through the weekend with live reports and traffic checks. you can also find information on our web site,
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>>jaqueline: mostly sunny skies, the rain has come to an end. the storm has pushed east and we will seek their conditions and warm temperatures. right now temperatures are on the cooler side. temperatures are 5-10 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. when you factor in the wind speeds like this is certainly feels even cooler this afternoon. this weekend, temperatures will be warming to lanais level, not uncomfortably hot like it was last weekend. the warmer weather will stick into next week as well. a look at the extended forecast coming up. >>pam: a search warrant
6:06 pm
leads to an illegal bust in an east bay city, it happened last night near international boulevard in oakland. from this video was recorded at the scene. the oakland swat team was called in because of the potential of gun violence during officials spoke with haaziq madyun about the sophisticated set of. >> this was a well organized marijuana factory. >> a high-tech operation here in this warehouse on 89th avenue rated by oakland police. the assistance of the successful foldable suspects were taken into custody to both >> they recover approximately 2005 but marijuana plants and 50 lbs. of dried, processed marijuana. >> that in addition to these high-powered firearms the
6:07 pm
warehouse was to ratify a bar where fans with unlawful surveillance cameras. >> since january of 200011 we have approximately one doesn't burglaries fell, about a half-dozen robberies related to these grow operations. " they pose a significant safety hazard for >>pam: hayward police are releasing new details about this woman they say to a pregnant woman hostage as he tried to rob a bank. he is being held without bail on multiple felony charges. on tuesday he had a bank teller a note demanding money. hey silent alarm was activated and that is when he allegedly brandished a knife taking a pregnant
6:08 pm
woman hostage. i she was eventually released and he surrendered to police. the vallejo school board has voted to cut more jobs in the district. >> if they are eliminating my position i do not know what is next. >> 949 teaching jobs could be eliminated next school year. teachers' aides, bilingual tudors, custodians, secretaries and bus drivers. we spoke with parents who say that their children are going to suffer. >> it seems like every year there are budget cuts. every year the lottery is going to supplement and i am still wondering where the lottery money goes. there is never an increase in services, there always seems to be a decrease. >> if they keep taking away from the kids, what every going to do? that is what we have problems with kids now
6:09 pm
trying to find direction to get better education. i do not know. >> it is just too bad that we can all work together to find other areas to eliminate or restructure. >>pam: the school district has to close a $6.1 million budget gap. last month the board voted to eliminate 16 teaching and counseling jobs. >>pam: the not raising association of san francisco says a coast guard capt is now calling for an independent investigation of the low-speed chase lot -- yacht accident.
6:10 pm
>>grant: changing the sand francisco's skyline, we're getting our first look at renderings, a massive 34 story high-rise that is being called one van ness. right now the lot is mostly parking. the developer has hired a big time architect to design the san jose city hall in 2005. the renderings show what it could look like. 400 ft. high, 34 stories with a sleek glass look. >> many of you have heard the news about mad cow
6:11 pm
disease. officials say that milk is safe but there are still dangers out there. >>pam: more than 10 years after the terrorist attack that destroyed the world trade center, time lines and video of the new towers construction. home prices to bottom out soon when experts say could be a good time to buy gifts. the class of 2012 is about to graduate and enter the workforce. the bright spots in the mostly bleak job market and kron4 is giving away a big screen television just in time for this outsold bay to breakers race. details on how to win the coming of next. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>catherine: earlier this week it was confirmed that a california dairy cow did in fact have a mad cow disease. health officials said beef and milk products are safe. >> been there a scientist that i spoke would say that you should feel safe your beef and milk are in good shape but say there could be more mad cow disease cases of there. that is less than 0.1% of all their cows. the half-life month how how
6:15 pm
has it had this this >> there is no some on known and how well they will translate. >> he in mind, there are other countries that test all cattle over a certain relief but those countries do not have the number of cattle that we do in the united states. some >>catherine: mexican government for has opened an inquiry into the wal-mart bribery scandal.
6:16 pm
this comes after u.s. allegations that new wal- mart stores were built only after millions in bribes were paid out. mexican officials are indicating >> in a report on a string of highway accidents in tallahassee florida. you're looking at the aftermath. 11 people were killed in january. fog and smoke shrouded the interstate. the report says the highway patrol officer who ordered the reopening of the highway did not even know what the proper procedures were. well the wildfire and fog reduced visibility leading to a series of crashes. time lapse photography given as a great view on how construction of the new world trade center is moving along in new york city.
6:17 pm
14 a week is being built. >>jaqueline: the rain came to an end to this afternoon. a wide view picture, you can see showers surrounding us to the north, east and south. temperatures have cold quite a bit. 10 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. into tomorrow, sunny and warm. fans of the weekend,
6:18 pm
continued warming. here is a look at your current temperatures. into the afternoon temperatures are warming 5- 10 degrees over what we saw today. 70's for the inland valleys. along the peninsula temperatures are in the '60s. here is a look at your extended forecast. a warming trend underway tomorrow. temperatures will not be uncomfortable this week and
6:19 pm
like our last warming trend. " as we head into next week we will cool down a tad into tuesday and resume our warming trend into wednesday and thursday. >>pam: just in time for this year's result bay to breakers, if kron4 is giving away big screen television. >>kimberlee: the best way to watch the race is on a 46 in. flat screen television once you're there click on this icon at the top and a very important, in order to enter the contest, the only way to enter is you have to like kron4 on our facebook page. once you have entered the contest is a and its visit our specials section. check out a slide show of some of last year's costumes.
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we want to see the hot glue gun action. it is a san francisco tradition that you do not want to mess. sunday morning, may 20th right here on kron4. we will be back after this quick break.
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for >>pam: and millions of people could get a $127 check in the mail from their health care companies. the law says insurance companies have to spend premium paid kids on actual patient care, if they spend more on items such as marketing were mistreated
6:24 pm
costs, they have to refund customers. home prices could bottom out by next year. lone home values compared with extraordinarily low mortgage rates should serve as a signal to consumers that now is the time to buy. there is a new option for people looking for a mortgage company, costco, the discount superstore is rolling out a full-service mortgage lending program in partnering with first choice bank. the warehouse retailer actually started offering mortgages a couple of years ago off but costco says the service provider did not sure enough details with
6:25 pm
members. 10,000 people have already taken out hollows with costco. we will be right back.
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this >>pam: southbound 101 traffic is at a croft, finn walnut creek the headlights are northbound and traffic is at medium speed we will be back with more news ahead.
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pacific demolition crews will move in and start tearing down the road we, the work is expected to continue until 5:00 a.m. on monday morning until the temporary detour is built around a construction site. >> continuing our coverage, 80,000 drivers on average use the will drive on the weekend. all of those drivers will be forced to use surface streets. extra patrols have been called the but caltrans says it holds most drivers will simply just stay away. >> here in san francisco, if you are looking to get to the north bay or from the north bay to san francisco, the theory might be your best bet. they are doubling the number of trips.
6:32 pm
and the ferry to at&t parceled out for both saturday and sunday. >> investigators at oakland police headquarters say to my intelligence based undercover operation led to the boss of one of the most sophisticated marijuana growers in recent memory >> this was a well organized marijuana factory. we arrested a total of 11 individuals and recovered to death of 500 marijuana plants, for different handguns, a shotgun and the two assault rifles. >> the oakland school district has to close a $6.1 million budget gap. the board is expected to hold a final cut our budget
6:33 pm
cuts in may. >> police are investigating a shooting that happen in a bottle, a 10-15 shots were fired into the house on >>robin: drive. the homeowners says he does not understand why anyone would want to shoot bullets in this house. >> of top girls scientists have commented on the mad cow disease case. they say there could be more u.s. cases of mad cow disease out there. last year the u.s. tests of less than 0.1% of all cattle in the nation.
6:34 pm
>> seismologists are working on an earthquake early warning system that would broadcast warnings to people to be a sell bonds and real intelligence up to one minute before the shaking starts depending on their proximity to the epicenter. it would take about five years to build and cost upwards of $100 million. >>gabe: google has launched a new feature to go will maps, 3d photo towards of a famous world landmarks. there are over 15,000 when marks the some of these are so realistic. for a direct link to check these out log on to
6:35 pm and >>jaqueline: a warming trend is the weekend. a little bit of fog overnight along the coastline. temperatures right now are called the what we saw yesterday. temperatures will start to warm into tomorrow afternoon. 70's in the south bay. for the east bay shore will be clinging to the '60s. along the coast when we could see fog over night. sunny skies cut the market. here is a look at your
6:36 pm
extended forecast. the warming will resume by mid-week. >>catherine: the class of when it falls is looking for work. greta twisted ladder of a quarter. the job outlook for new college grads still is not free. war and to that of the hiring managers were surveyed and 54 percent said they plan to hire recent college graduates. that is up and 46% last year. >> it is turning in the right direction. but are a lot of people looking for jobs. >> employers say the areas where they're more likely to include new graduates include information technology, customer
6:37 pm
service, sales, finance, accounting and marketing. not college graduates should not underestimate the value of social networking skills. >>dan: building profiles on line, writing a blog, those are all things that will work for a favor. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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>>stanley: to some people, there is nothing worse than getting stuck behind a public transit bus. in fact, out of all of the complaint i get, buses and
6:41 pm
bus drivers show up at the top of list. the biggest complaints, bus drivers not pulling all the way over. do they have to? tonight at 8:00 p.m. will look at the rules for buses and whether or not they are following them in the next edition of people beating badly. it's >>pam: still ahead, the nfl draft is front and center. vern glenn is live in santa clara for the 49ers draft party. the giants are staring at another loss in cincinnati. gary radnich has highlights and sports and next. this
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
>>gary: the nfl draft is no surprise, the first overall it. >> the indianapolis colts selected in a deluxe, quarterback-stamford. >>gary: from stanford, and did these things, in the old
6:45 pm
days a guide to make over 50 million. , he is only going to get 22 million on a four year deal with the colts. his family was on hand. he is a two-time heisman runner-up and will replace peyton manning carried the colds or 2-14 last year. they will be looking for to his leadership. >> it was great. it was everything i ever thought it would be. i feel so blessed and fortunate to be in this situation. i will come in and work hard. there are a lot of great guys in the locker room, will be so grateful to represent the city and be a part of the team. >> he is really a humble guy. they just pick him and after you can buy and andrew looked jersey already in the city of indianapolis and around the country. as expected robert griffin
6:46 pm
the third, the heisman trophy winner from baylor, trent richardson, a cleveland traded to get him, he is from alabama and an offensive tackle from usc just and black man in oklahoma state goes to the jacksonville jaguars. goddess >>gary: we are still waiting for the 49ers of it and waiting for some local kids to be selected. the 49ers have of the 30th selection. it is no secret, the lower you pick, that means the better team you already have. the 49ers were having a draft party today, harbaugh has already been strutting around looking like the messiah. whenever there is a party,
6:47 pm
who'd you call on? vern glenn. he is down there in is a 49ers jersey. vern glenn is a part of the party. still what are your thoughts? >>vern: we are at the santa clara convention center. there are young fans and old fans, it is the draft party. there are games, there's food and guest speakers. there are lines for autographs. a half a little bit of everything, but nothing compares to fill in jim harbaugh when he walked on stage, he had the fans eat out of his hand. coach of the year certainly has a presence. here is a sampling of what
6:48 pm
he said. >> who has a better than us? you know the answer to that one. we are going to see what happens. if something transpires before that, we will just have to sit back and watch it unfold. i cannot tell you how much i appreciate you coming out here today. this is an enthusiastic crowds. the taft >> that is his signature, who has a better than us? no one.
6:49 pm
>>vern: sometime between 8:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., we will know what the 49ers move will be. >>gary: that was a brilliant to get the fans idea of the they want to select. sam thought that was great. bamut actually tell you something, unlike the colleges. >>pam: or the sports directors. >>gary: i was in walgreen's today at a guy from france came up and said, i watch your news, you know what i like? there is conflict. i said really?
6:50 pm
i asked where he was from and he said france carried he said to make a good movie there always have to be conflict. the rest of the stations get along and say the same thing. i like your station because there is conflict, you against the girls. the great majority of our audience may think we're fighting, they do not get that we are all friends. we are number one in france. >>gary: it may be involved
6:51 pm
overdue for the nfl also a game, the pro bowl will probably go away if. the waitresses set up, no one and wants to get injured for free. it is one week after the super bowl, everyone has lost interest. last year they were dropping during the game. a great finish, the giants in cincinnati, a serviceman from fort knox if not the game was tied at 2.
6:52 pm
the reds had a 5-3 lead at this juncture. a lot of people are asking where is the brian wilson? sergio castillo out of the bullpen, he could really pick up where wilson left off. the giants won 6-5. sandoval has been hit in 19 straight games. here is standing tall with tampa bay. the angels are really struggling. it is 4-3 exhibition. when we return we're going to meet the number one boy scout troop in america.
6:53 pm
" they happen to be here in our studio today. we are back in a moment.
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6:56 pm
>>gary: every year we select our favor boy scout and cub scout troops. 27 carries >>gary: i was a cub scout. these guys are terrific behalf
6:57 pm
>>gary: this is our favored group. >>pam: we will see at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
our all-new interview with "jersey shore's" snooki. she's pregnant but here's the big question, has she quit her hard partying ways? i'm kevin frazier from new york city. >> "the insider" is on. >> there's a little love child in there. >> snooki's first tv interview on her baby on the way, and her boozing. >> what was the ultrasound like? >> so creepy. >> i like to party. being pregnant changes your whole mood. the suburban mom accused of running a brothel. the accused new york mad dam's husband speaking for the first time. >> what he really knows. >> there's nothing wrong with introducing two people --


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